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your mom is what's up.

2 March 1992
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  • nutmegxo@livejournal.com

hi, im meg.

and this journal,

just explains whats going on in my life.

i don't care what you think of me for posting what i do.

i'm me, and you'll never change that.

if you know me, you know im a crazy motherfucker.

im a friendly person.

i try to live everyday like it's my last.

i think im annoying as can be.

i'm proud to say ive been vegan for almost a year.

i'm a bcahs sophmore, flori major. (:

i'm going to college after highschool.

i don't belong to a clique.

i'm not going to lie to you,

i've smoked marijuana&enjoyed it.

and had too much to drink on purpose.

i'm sorry if thats not okay with you.

i dont plan to stop.

i'm tall, but i've been told that i'm "so worth the climb"(:

i like to smile and make people smile.

i can honestly say that i hate girls.

i love boys. (:

and i'm into long relationships.

thats basically it.

any questions?