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r.i.p. kenny<3

so this entry will be dedicated to my "not so step" brother; kenneth peter"k-griff" griffin.
i just call him ken.(:
on august 16th, his life was taken from us.
he passed in a horrible car accident with two others; mike tripp (the driver) and kim zartini.
this crash was due to speeding,  kenny and his bestfriend corey (who did make it) had both told mike to slow down,
they told him, "you're driving like an asshole."
corey made it out of the wreck with a broken hand and scratches on his face, but also a broken heart.
kenny was everyones bestfriend.
no matter if you knew him for a week or for a month.
im sick of being sad, so im gonna tell you some happy memories we've had together.
my personal favorite story, is when dad, traci, kenny, aydan, and i took a new years trip to new hampshire.
we stayed at indian head, and they had a party on new years.
apparently, we were too young to be in the room,
so our family sat at a table right outside the room.
because we're awesome(:
that whole night, kenny didnt fail to make everyone laugh.
he never did anyway.
but we soon learned there was a party going on downstairs also,
we saw a man taking alot of beer downstairs to them; they were minors.
i mean, this wasnt two.
this was 3 in each hand, & one in each pocket.
and not to mention the 24 pack he brought down.
but anyway.
we rang in the new year three times, one for nh, one for seattle, and one for utah.
my dad was kinda sorta really wrecked.
so he decided to steal a snowtube.
he took it downstairs to our room
and with a cigar in one hand and chapagne in the other,
he put kenny's wife beater (hahaha-dont ask me why i think that word is funny), and his snowboard helmet/goggles,
and sat his ass in the tube.
me and kenny pushed him down the hill.
i dont think ive ever laughed that hard in my life.
then, after my dad was done,
kenny said "im gonna his that post."
mind you, this post was cedar.
you dont run into cedar posts.
but kenny did, headfirst. and flew back a few feet.
he woke up with a headache XD
but yeah, thats a true definition of kenny.
he was a great kid.
just about the greatest brother i could ever ask for.
&im grateful to have had him in my life.
rip, i love you and miss you so much.




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