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first post :/

so yeah, hi.
if you haven't read my about me;
i'm meg! 
its nice to meet you(: 
i do have a myspace.
click here for it.
(: add me, ill talk.
i actually have no clue at all why i decided to make this.
but, i decided, if i'm this bored to make this,  
theres someone out there bored enough to read it.
i need to do a summary of my own life.
so ya know where i'm coming from. 
i was born on the early wednesday morning of march 2nd, year 1992.
mom was in labor for 25 hours >.<
i'm a pain in the ass.
well, in this case, the vagina.(:
i grew up, and when i was three, my parents got a divorce. 
i saw my mom for the majority of the time, on tuesdays, thursdays and everyother friday.
i saw my dad on mondays, wednesdays, and everyother weekend.
which was enough, but not enough in my opinion.
i love my dad, he never fails to give me unconditional love and makes me 
laugh at anything he does.
my dad got re-married to traci,
which is as of now, one of my closest friends.
she doesn't fit under the category of 'step'mom.
i honestly don't know where i'd be without her right now.
with the re-marriage of my dad, i gained two of the most important people in my life,
aydan&kenny; my not-so-step sister&brother.
i'm still close to both of them.
aydan is the definition of sister.
enough said.
recently, we lost kenny to a car accident on narrows ave in westport ma.
he will forever be in my heart and i plan to make a blog about him soon. 
my mom;
shes...everything i could ask for and more.
shes my bestfriend.
whatever happens to me, shes got my back&i got hers, 
we're more than mother&daughter.
my mom recently got re-married to scott.
hes cool(:
with that re-marriage, i got my pain in the ass little brother, hunter.
hes a nut&i love him.
...even when he thinks its funny to give me a black eye by throwing a shoe at my face.
...or cutting my finger open with scissors.
or by just hurting me in general.
he gets a kick out of pain.
no pun intended(:
moving on.
now, dad&traci live in chicago.
i visit there every school vacation and summers.
its pretty amazing :D <3
when i'm home, i reside in fall river.
which is okay, i guess.
very ghetto. XD
i go to school at
bristol county agricultural high school.
its wonderful.
i major in floriculture.
look it up if you dont know what it is.
i'm single.
and i have no intention to be.
i'm looking hard for the right guy right now.
i want whatever i can get.
i'm probably looking too hard.
but yeah, thats who i am, i guess.



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